Top 5 Best Bass Fishing Baits for April

Kick-off Spring with Fishing Baits for April.


3/27/20243 min read

Top 5 Best Bass Fishing Baits for April

April is a great time for bass fishing as the water starts to warm up and the bass become more active. If you're looking to catch some bass this month, here are the top 5 best bass fishing baits to use:

1. Crankbaits

Crankbaits are a popular choice for bass fishing in April. These lures mimic the movement of injured baitfish, which attracts hungry bass. The erratic action of crankbaits can trigger aggressive strikes from bass. They work best in shallow to medium-depth water, especially around rocky areas or submerged structures. The key is to vary the retrieval speed and depth until you find what works best.

2. Jigs

Jigs are versatile baits that can be used in a variety of fishing conditions. In April, bass tend to be in the pre-spawn or spawning phase, and jigs can be highly effective during this time. Use a jig with a soft plastic trailer that resembles a crawfish or a small baitfish. Cast it near cover such as rocks, fallen trees, or weed beds. Slowly hop or drag the jig along the bottom, mimicking a natural prey item.

3. Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits are great for covering a lot of water quickly and triggering reaction strikes. They consist of a metal blade that spins as you retrieve the bait, creating vibration and flash. In April, bass may be found in shallow water near the shoreline or in weed beds. Cast the spinnerbait parallel to the bank or retrieve it through the weeds. Experiment with different blade sizes and colors to find what the bass are most attracted to.

4. Soft Plastic Worms

Soft plastic worms are a classic bait for bass fishing and can be used year-round. In April, try using a Texas rig or a Carolina rig with a soft plastic worm. These rigs allow the worm to be presented naturally and can be fished in various depths. Cast the worm near cover or structure and let it sink to the bottom. Slowly twitch or drag the worm along, imitating a worm or a small creature that bass love to feed on.

5. Topwater Lures

As the water temperature rises in April, bass become more active and are more likely to strike at surface lures. Topwater lures such as poppers, buzzbaits, or frogs can be exciting to use and can produce explosive strikes. Cast these lures near weed beds, lily pads, or any other areas with cover. Retrieve them with pauses and twitches to create enticing movements that mimic injured prey.

Top Water BuzzbaitTop Water Buzzbait
Wicked Worm Watermelon KandiWicked Worm Watermelon Kandi
Spinnerbait with a green and redSpinnerbait with a green and red
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